Some Notable Reviews of Investors Underground

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A lot of people have taken the time to leave reviews for Investors Underground on Twitter and on Investimonials. Both of those websites make it easy for members to voice their opinions quickly and easily. They also make it effortless for traders to see a bunch of reviews all in one place. Although it is nice to be able to read a bunch of reviews in one place, it is also nice to read a more in-depth review with pictures and videos. This post references some in-depth reviews of Investors Underground that members have posted on their own websites and blogs. Each review has its own unique twist and goes a little bit deeper than some of the reviews you will find elsewhere. These reviews are also nice because they break down the experiences of different members. Each member will have their own experience for a variety fo reasons, including their trading background, their schedule, and the their trading style. By seeing how each of these traders utilized Investors Underground, you can learn more about whether or not the service will be beneficial for you.

Beyond Debt Review

Jai, the author at Beyond Debt does a nice job of explaining his personal experience with Investors Underground. He explains his trading style and than goes into how and why he joined Investors Underground. Jai has some experience with other services and ties that into the review. If you’re looking for a review that is short, to the point, and a fun read, start with this one.


Upper Division Investing Review

Upper Division Investing does a good job of breaking down each component of the service, including scans, the chat room, and video lessons. The review also includes some nice images and videos.

Upper Division Review

JC Trades Review

JC Trades put together a great review of Investors Underground! Similar to Upper Division Investing, JC Trades breaks down the different elements of the service. One noticeable difference is that JC Trades goes into more depth on each of the chat rooms.


Infotraded Review

The Infotraded review of Investors Underground focuses mostly on the chat rooms. It also includes some comments from Twitter.


Tumblr Review

The Investors Underground review on Tumblr is one of the most in-depth of all of the ones mentioned. The review is separated by the different elements of the service, and each element gets its own mini-post. This makes for a nice way to break up the content.


Day Trade Review

Day Trade Review put together a nice review for Investors Underground. The reviewer broke down a few of the different elements of the service, including the education, alerts, and chat room. The review talks about the Investors Underground trading style and how to make the most of the chat room.

Day Trade Review of Investors Underground

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